Press-On Nails, What's All The Hype About?

Press-On Nails, What's All The Hype About?

What's the hype surrounding press on nails?

Wondering what the hype is surrounding press-on nail?

If so, then I have you covered. So first ask yourself why would you buy a set of press-on nails? 


What are press on nails

What is a press on nail?

Press-on nails are a temporary full coverage nail extension. Press-on nails usually come designed to the nines or just a simple one color

Press on nails vs full sets


Press-on nails vs salon full sets

The difference is simply the time and being able to reuse your press-on. An average nail salon visit can take anywhere from 30- 60 minutes depending on the complexity of your set.

Imagine wanting a special set of nails just for a one-night event and your career forces you to remove them before you even clock in. WHAT!! You just spent time and money for one-night one-time use service. With the press on nails, it will take you 5-10 minutes to apply your nails and then another 15-20 mins soaking your fingers to remove them to use for another time.


How to apply press-on nails

How do you use press-on nails?

It's easy as 1.2.3. No seriously! You start by sizing your fingers by pre-fitting the tips to your nails. * For my brand in particular you do not have to tell me your sizes before ordering as all sizes will be included.

Once your good and fitted you will use the included mini buffer to lightly buff the shine off of your nails. Then apply a drop of glue to the inside of the press-on nail. I recommend you use the glue tip to spread that drop around so that it will stick to the entire nail. Place the press on from the cuticle to the free edge (that’s from where the nail comes from your skin to tip of the nail) and hold in place for a few minutes and repeat until finished. 

How to remove press on nails


How to remove the press on without damaging the nails or the nail plate

DO NOT BITE OR SNATCH THEM OFF OR SOAK THEM IN ACETONE!!!! Popping or biting,  your press-on nails off will cause your nail to become damaged by ripping away layers of the nail plate. This will cause your nails to thin out and create sensitive red spots or white spots under the nail where the nail plate and nail bed have detached due to trauma. Acetone is simple it will eat the entire press-on nail and you will not be able to reuse them.

All you need is a nice bowl of hot, NOT BOILING, soapy water with a few drops of whatever oil you have on hand (Yes even vegetable oil). Soak your hands in this solution until the oil causes the nails to loosen and they simply pop off with no pain or resistance. If there is any resistance then continue to soak. After you have removed all the nails dry your hands and simply buff away any remaining glue. Follow up with your favorite cuticle oil or just some good old olive/coconut oil. Pop your nails right back in the box for the next event.

Press on nail hacks.


My press ons pop off too soon any tips?

Why yes, I do have a few tips and my little secret. Make sure you are removing the shine completely from your nails. Don’t forget to push back those cuticles and remove any and all dead skin. The oil and dead skin from your nails will cause the glue to never actually adhere to the natural nail. Make sure you are not placing the press on nails extremely close to the cuticle just in case your glue has some seepage as your cuticle dries out and detaches it will cause lifting.

Ready for the super hack to keep your nails on a little longer. I use dehydrator like acetone or alcohol to remove all extra oils from my nail plate after buffing and then I use this nonacid nail primer before putting the glue on. With this method, my press-on nails will stay on for 3-4 weeks. 

Ready to give press on nails a try?
Are you ready to try your first set now?

So now you have a quick rundown on the hype around press on nails and a little inside information. You can find my collection of available press on nails by clicking here

If you try out my techniques to make your press-on nails last longer please tag us on Instagram @silentlyadorablehair and use our hashtag #teamadorbs so we can see how it turned out.

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